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Don’t be deceived by the title, this blog isn’t about birds. It’s about books, tea, and complaining. It’s also about writing, because there’s nothing quite like escaping into a world that you’ve created for yourself. So I suppose it’s about escapism, too.

About A Heron

Or, the value of a good listener. “Just don’t worry about it.” Well, thank you. That’s very helpful. My anxiety is cured! “Everything will be fine.” How? How will it be fine? How do you know? “Calm down.” Now, when has telling someone to calm down ever worked? Anxiety is more and more common, especiallyContinue reading “About A Heron”

Book Covers

Thanks again to Lucy’s Works for publishing one of my short stories on her blog! “Book-Covers” by The Magpie Fancier

The Liebster Awards

The Liebster Award?

I had never heard of this award, so I was very excited to receive a nomination from OnyxShortclawEGDR! I definitely recommend you check out their channel, especially if you enjoy original, creative works, with occasional detours into more serious issues, like mental health and current events. So, a quick recap of the rules (thankfully, OnyxContinue reading “The Liebster Award?”

Not A Competition

Any half-decent advice you can receive about mental health will tell you that opening up about your feelings is the best thing you can do. Whether you talk to a friend, family member, or a medical professional, talking is cathartic. Getting your feelings out in the open validates them, and leaves you open to whateverContinue reading “Not A Competition”

The Other Side

It couldn’t be much further, Mary told herself. After all, she’d already gone deeper into the woods than she ever had before. The forest around her was deathly silent, preparing for oncoming night. Mary didn’t fear the growing darkness. It would only make her pursuers more likely to give up. After all, when Susan LeeContinue reading “The Other Side”


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